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Mark Lucas
The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Guitarist Mark Lucas studied with Bill Loughman Jr. in 1967, developing an early interest in classical guitar. He studied with Tony JanFlone from 1971-1976,  followed by a master class with Carlos Barbosa-Lima continuing his music studies at Duquesne University with Robert Clarke. While living in Boston, Mark studied under the late jazz educator, Charlie Banacos. He also studied with Mick Goodrick, the author of THE ADVANCING GUITARIST and other publications. Mark has played in a wide range of musical genres including solo guitar, duos with vocalists, saxophonists, bassists, trio and quartet settings.

In 1996, he released his first CD, SILENT WITNESS/ONEIRA, a recording of original music for acoustic and electric guitar, in a solo, trio, and quartet setting. In 1997, he arranged and played on vocalist Carolyn Thompson's CD, THE FIRST TIME, with bassist Ron Carter and drummer Lewis Nash. He also produced, arranged and played on vocalist Pam Pryor's CD, PRYOR KNOWLEDGE. In 1998, he released a solo CD, UNCOVERED, a recording of jazz and contemporary standards.

When Mark returned to Pittsburgh, he became active on the local scene and has recently been playing with vocalist Patrick Arena in a duo setting; he produced and played on Patrick's 2007 CD, NIGHT AND DAY. In 2008, he released MYTH AND FEELING, a solo guitar CD, to coincide with his performances at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy.

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